Does Steinway Still Make New Pianos?

Steinway & Sons are one of the world’s longest-running piano manufacturers. The firm was started in 1853 and has been making pianos since. Steinway pianos have been played by everyone from Mozart to John Lennon, yet the question remains: does Steinway still build new pianos?

The Reality Is That Steinway Has Been Building Pianos For Over 180 Years

The fact of the matter is that Steinway has been in the business of manufacturing pianos for more than 180 years. Henry E. Steinway laid the groundwork for what would become the world’s oldest piano manufacturing company in 1853 when he founded Steinway. In 1853, Henry E. Steinway constructed his first piano, which he named “Steinweg” from the German word for “stone route” due to its toughness and durability.

Since Henry E. Steinway’s NYC Factory, Pianos Are The Same

As you may know, Steinway & Sons were established in 1853 by Henry E. Steinway. Steinway & Sons, a family-owned company, still makes pianos using Henry E. Steinway’s methods. The firm has built pianos using these processes and supplied international maintenance, tuning, and rebuilding for approximately 160 years. All of Steinway pianos are built by skilled craftsmen using high-quality materials and components, making them almost indestructible!

They Build Roughly 3,000 Pianos Each Year

If you’re curious about the scale of Steinway pianos production, you should know that the company produces approximately 3,000 pianos each year. It is more than any other piano manufacturer in the world makes in its whole; Steinway manufactures more pianos than all of its competitors combined. Since 1871, the company has been producing 1200 pianos each and every day, and to date, they have produced about 350 million instruments.

Steinway Does Build New Pianos

Steinway & Sons still produce new pianos. The firm has been creating pianos for approximately 180 years. Still, it employs the same technique of making pianos Henry E. Steinway initially built in his factory in New York City in 1853. They create roughly 3,000 pianos each year! This is quite a lot, given that it’s just one factory!


We hope that the information presented here was useful to you if you are in the market for a new piano and are thinking about purchasing a Steinway. When it comes to pianos, in our opinion, Steinway is still among the most prestigious brands available everywhere in the globe. Their quality cannot be matched by any other firm working in their field at the present time.